Ever since I made a single folder on my desktop named “Firefox Downloads”, and set my browser to use that for the default file save location instead of the desktop itself, my laptop has been looking pretty tidy. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing that like ten years ago.

On the right side of my desk is a small trash can, with a few things in it. On the floor on the left side of my desk is a pile of junk mail, mis-printed sheets of cardstock, discarded packing materials, and other bits of detritus. I should seriously consider looking into moving my trash can to the other side of my desk.

Last night, after another awesome cinematic improv rehearsal and subsequent coffee and pie stop at Magnolia, I returned home to find a new projector and screen that I bought off a dude for a super duper used price. I watched a little bit of movie on it from my desk, and it’s very bright and awesome. I see movie nights happening in the near future, after the boxes are fully cleared away.

We’ve started a Basecamp for the new and old house projects. The one on Frazier is going on the market tomorrow, so if you’re looking for a sweet little house in a really good location, there’s one waiting for you.

Seriously. Buy it. We can’t do shit here until that thing is sold. Poppa needs a new roof.