Dear everyone who makes electric ranges: Can you guess where the best place to put the controls that turn burners on and off on a stove is? Here’s a hint – it’s not right above and behind the glowing red hot heating elements that you’re trying to turn off, which may have very hot steam or liquid or grease doing their hot things right there. You might want to just try putting them in front, where you can control the burners without melting your hand and/or arm. Just a thought. Seriously.

Starting a new job! Full time, doing pretty much exactly what I want. Details will inevitably be recounted later, but I’m flying to Los Angeles next week to meet with movie studio people, writing up game design documents, and starting to wrangle a team of Flash and multi-user server developers in Argentina. Craziness, sudden craziness. So, I’ll be up all night finishing off work for my current gig, and waking up early to crank out documentation and getting remote people up to speed. I’ve been trying to eat better lately, but this might call for a midnight run to the 7-11 on the corner for donuts and a big coke slurpee to boost the motivation.

Improv has been kicking ass lately, too. Awesome rehearsal with the guys tonight, bringing cinema to the stage. Every week we manage to discover at least one technique that has boys jumping and fists pumping. Very much looking forward to putting some of this stuff to the boards in a live fire situation. Tomorrow is the first step in the direction of Start Trekkin’, as well, which will lead to even more fun.

This weekend, my buddy Phil and his new wife Yasuko will be visiting from Tokyo (by way of San Francisco), and then there will be trips to the Salt Lick and the Drafthouse and shows at the Hideout and game night and swimming and hanging out and whatnot. Haven’t seen Phil in a long time, and it will be good. But now, work work work. Slurp slurp slurp.