Stayed up late working. Got up early to work some more. Almost midnight, and I still have work to finish up. God bless you, diet caffeinated colas and twenty-four hour food mart. Fortunately, the work is fun now. Still have a dribble of the drab, but soon the fun will begin in earnest.

Tonight is the second perfect awesome Texas summer night in a row. Kind of warm, but not hot, a little damp, with a stiff breeze to even it all out. You can drive with the windows down. I think one of the neighbors has jasmine or honeysuckle or some nice-smelling vine, which is like the sprinkles on the cupcake, but not the long skinny waxy ones that turn into a big clump of chewed brown crayon if you try to eat a whole bunch at once by themselves, I mean the little flat sugar ones that are usually pink and yellow and shaped like stars or hearts or something.

I think after I finish up the two books that I’m reading now, I’m going to start the long, slow slog through Infinite Jest with support from a couple of co-reading buddies. I figure if we read like five pages a day, we’ll be done in way less than a year, which is like a tenth of the time that I’ve actually owned the book and carted it around from one side of the country and back. This had better be worth it, Wallace.