Acquired so far:

  • Eero Tuovinen’s Zombie Cinema
  • Josh Roby’s Conquer the Horizon
  • Clint Krause’s Roanoke
  • Gregor Hutton’s 3:16 – Carnage Amongst The Stars
  • Anna Kreider’s Thou Art But A Warrior
  • Emily Care Boss’s Under My Skin
  • Josh Newman’s Beowulf (based on Vincent Baker’s In A Wicked Age)
  • Vincent Baker’s new edition of Poison’d
  • The full release of Kevin Allen Jr.’s Sweet Agatha
  • Things We Think About Games
  • Jared Sorenson’s ashcan of DarkPages
  • Clyde Rhoer’s Silence Keeps Me A Victim
  • D. Marshall Burns’s The Rustbelt
  • Danielle Lewon’s Kagematsu
  • Darcy Burgess’s riveting (ha!) ashcan of Black Cadillacs
  • Shreyas Sampat’s Mist-Robed Gate
  • Ralph Mazza’s stunning ashcan of Blood Red Sands
  • Robert Bohl’s Misspent Youth
  • Nathan Russell’s Space Rat
  • Tony Dowler’s How to Host a Dungeon
  • and a new copy of Tribes from SJG, because I forgot mine, and it was five bucks.

These are all pretty rad in their own ways, which I will go into detail about when time permits. Played a game of 1930’s Inspectres with Graham and some folks, and now we’re off to get some dinner before buckling down for a proper night of gaming at the Embassy. Looking forward to what’s to come…