more stuff

Woke up lateish (11:30am, not bad for a 3am bedtime), arranged myself, and went seeking pancakes. The woman at the front desk had a very NPC-with-one-line-of-text response to my question about breakfast places, but pointed me true, and I had some french toast and a carafe of coffee at Le Peep, a block away from where I was sleeping. Then, back to the expo hall to pick up some more games:

  • Jonathan Walton’s Geiger Counter
  • Orx, by Raven Daegmorgan
  • Annie Rush’s Red Robot Red (redux)
  • Greg Stolze’s A Dirty World
  • the Zanfabulous Zorceror of Zo, by Chad Underkoffler
  • Josh Roby’s Sons of Liberty,
  • Seth Ben-Ezra’s A Flower For Mara (which we played the night before with Seth and Emily and company)
  • Dirty Secrets, also by Seth
  • and Eero Tuovinen’s edition of the Solar System rules (which power games such as The Shadow of Yesterday)

So, yeah. Last night was a pretty intense game of A Flower For Mara, followed by a much lighter, but still fun, playtest of Misery Bubblegum. Today there was more chatting and less playing, but I still managed to get in part of a Fae Noir session, and got in some good zombie fleeing and fighting on a cruise liner, using the Solar System rules and a bunch of customized Keys and Secrets for that. More hanging out and game design/theory talk after, and now it’s late again. More thoroughness on what went down, later.