Opening two new shows this weekend. First one was our improv project using cinematic techniques that we’ve been developing and working onfor the last couple of months, SHOT. Premiered in the Threefer Madness show at the Hideout Theatre last night, with Asaf, Britt, Ceej, and Clinkenbeard, with Elizabeth Jackson accompanying us on violin. It went awesome. Two more of those next week, one on Thursday at ColdTowne, and one again on Friday at the Hideout. Check it out. 


Next up, starting tonight at Salvage Vanguard Theater, the folks from Shana’s narrative class are putting on Haunted, improvised ghost stories. There were concerns about the weather canceling shows, but that was a false alarm, and all spooky systems are a go. We’ll be doing this one on Saturday nights at SVT for a short run up to our final show on Halloween at the Hideout. Should be a hoot.